Meet Tito

Born into this world as Michael Irizarry, but most people know me by Mike.  As a child, my mom called me Tito. Many Puerto Ricans use this nickname to describe their children. Tito is short for chiquiTITO, which means little boy.  Being the youngest in my family, my mom would continue to call me Tito and the name stuck.  I was born in the New York City borrough Bronx.  When I was 4 years old, my dad moved us out to San Diego and we've lived here ever since.  I didn't travel to Puerto Rico until I was an adult, but once I did, I started learning more about my people,  my culture, my music, and especially my food. In particular, the sandwiches.  I couldn't believe how delicious the sandwiches were and thought how there is nothing like it in San Diego.  Who knew that something as simple as a sandwich could have so much flavor? This has to be Puerto Rico's best kept secret.  When I returned from the island in 2009, I was shocked to find that the company I worked for was conducting a massive lay off. Unfortunately, they had laid me off so I took it as a sign to start a family based sandwich business.  I added the San Diego touch of fresh veggies and I started selling them at local farmer's markets.  We did numerous farmers markets, special events, and catering for over a decade.  Now my daughtert Adelaynia and I have opended up this deli in the heart of our city.  Now a legend has been born in SD.  Something SD can be proud of. We are a family owned and a family operated small business and we want to share the secret with the world.  Thank you for very much for your business.  

Our Standards

By taking the awesome concept and taste of the tripleta, I added fresh veggies and other flavors, to bring you the tastiest, freshest sandwiches possible.  All the ingredients used are always fresh and healthy.  These sandwiches have both grilled veggies and fresh veggies for a clash of taste second-to-none.  With endless condiments to spice up your sandwich, we are able to create the idea sandwich for everybody.  Unlike traditional and boring delis that just squirt mayo or mustard on the bread, Tito's Tripletas are infused with the condiments of your choice to bring out the flavor in an explosion of taste.  To top this off, all these veggies and meats are stuffed into a Puerto Rican roll called Pan de Agua or Water Bread.  This bread is like no other.  It is similar to a French Roll, but softer, tastier, and lighter. This bread is made from scratch and is what gives our unique sandwiches that extra touch.  There is nothing like it and once you've tasted one, you will agree, it's pound-for-pound the best sandwich in the world.